# Program Description

National Central University offers a summer program as a part of its goal to enhance global education.

We offer subject courses in different academic filed and an intensive program of classroom lectures for Chinese language learning.

A 3-day cultural trip is arranged in the program. Students will explore famous Taiwan attractions and experience the Taiwan local culture. Taiwan is a small, volcanic island, which means travelers will never be too far from either towering mountain ranges or gorgeous beaches along the ocean.

# Certificate and Transcript

The NCU Summer Program is designed to be equivalent to:

  • 2-credit, 3-week program (equivalent to 36 hours)
  • 3-credit, 3-week program (equivalent to 54 hours)
  • 8-credit, 5-week program (equivalent to 144 hours)

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a transcript and a completion certificate from National Central University.

Deadlines & Early birds promotion

The deadline for early-bird registration is Feb. 15, 2023. (UTC+8)

The deadline for registration is March 15, 2023.